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Monday, November 3, 2008

Visualize your search and e-discovery experience

"Time is money" - the age-old axiom is now relevant more than ever. More data to analyze, less time for the task, and now less budget money for IT.

Our product designers at Sonian Labs are working on some exciting new visualization techniques to help our hosted email archive audience search their unstructured data more efficiently.

The traditional e-discovery experience is to view a linear listing of documents that must be viewed one-by-one to determine relevance to the search request. Sonian is working on newer ways to evaluate the contents of the data set earlier in the process that allow reviewers to focus on the documents that are most important to the case and to eliminate those that have no relevance. Visualization techniques, lightning fast search, and a "time-machine" view of the data set will be a powerful combination of tools at your finger tips (and in your web browser.)

This not only helps with formulating a successful case strategy, but it can save a tremendous amount of time and money with e-discovery processing and review.

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