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Monday, November 3, 2008

Should your email archive be in the cloud?

Microsoft has put their muscle into the "cloud." Azure, while still more concept than reality, shows corporate IT the cloud is a viable place to host some or all of a companies' infrastructure.

Email and collaboration, by the nature of how they need to be available 24x7 and place demanding burden on already over-worked IT staff, are perfect problem for cloud based solutions. A hybrid approach is to keep the core server on premise and host the ancillary services likes anti-spam/virus and archiving. Companies gain the benefit of cloud computing, and as the experience of using cloud services gets better, more IT functions can be moved into the cloud over time. But start with archiving today.

For many organizations a hosted email archive option is not only a viable choice, it's the best choice. Businesses get the benefits of not having to maintain their own infrastructure, and since SaaS vendors can update all customers at once, new features and capabilities are updated on a regular basis, without the need to go through costly software upgrades.

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