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Sunday, November 2, 2008

IT budgets will propel cloud-compute based solutions

At certain times in the evolution of IT trends, there is a tipping point which dramatically accelerates the future. In recent memory Netscape did this for the Internet, and more historically Microsoft did this for the whole era of personal computing. In the last three years Amazon Web Services accelerate cloud-scale adoptions. Tipping point companies or technologies, which move the industry forward in great leaps, will help organizations do more for less IT budget dollars.

Today's troubling financial situation will be the tipping point that drives adoption of cloud compute based services. CFOs will be looking to save money, and the cloud's model of transparency, pay as you go, and pay for what you consume, is a refreshing change away from expensive monolithic closed proprietary software solutions.

Forrester Research advises CFOs to take a close look at cloud computing for messaging and collaboration and enterprise applications. The payoffs could be noticeable during the current economic downturn.
Sonian is your partner in this seismic shift. We bring the world's first cloud compute based hosted email archive service to market. We are here to help solve your archiving needs with our unique service.

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