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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Enterprise 2 Cloud - Migrate your legacy archive to Sonian cloud solution

The need for archiving and eDiscovery has been around for over ten years and many forward thinking companies recognized the benefits of implementing email archiving years ago. These trailblazing companies who purchased installed email archiving solutions are unfortunately paying for this decision.

Most companies that implemented an email archiving system over the past ten (10) years had limited options available; install on-premises software solution. Installed software requires the implementation and management of additional hardware, databases, storage and third-party software before a company can recognize the benefit of the solution.

While the email archiving installation worked fairly well during the first couple years, these companies are now faced with great pain in keeping this internal resource on with this internal resource. "When these implementations took place, the hardware and storage requirements were typically designed for 3-5 years of growth. However, these specifications were based on faulty assumptions and did not properly account for email growth after the date of implementation. The trends for email usage has skyrocketed in recent years and now includes more rich text-based email with large file attachments and media files.

Sonian is here to help you move your current installed software to a cloud-based solution.

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