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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Email is still consuming the most storage

Peter Schilling, Director of IT at Amherst College, posted a great summary of interesting facts about the colleges' IT infrastructure.

A key finding is the volume of email data is increasing, and that 95% of the storage footprint is consumed by attachments. A great archiving solution can help with attachment management.

Thanks to Peter for sharing this interesting information.

  • Average number of emails received per day: 180,000.
  • Percentage of email that arrives on campus that is spam: 94%.
  • Percentage of storage space taken up by email, a system designed to send brief text messages, that is actually taken up the files attached to the emails: 95%.
  • Ratio of the storage required for email and attachments for just the year 2007 to that of all of the preceding 5 years together: 1 to 1.

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