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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Don't clean sweep the email server

Recent IT surveys identify an attitude shift about whether to save all email or adopt a "purge everything" approach to records management. These decisions not only affect legal discovery concerns, but also the organizational history stored in the email server's database. Email archiving storage fees are now very affordable for companies of all sizes, so there is no reason not to save all records "just in case."

From an e-discovery perspective, more and more IT decision makers are now deciding to save all email records because it's virtually impossible to erase digital content from all places where an email might have been saved: server storage, local storage, portable USB devices like a memory stick or an iPod. It's better to "know" what you know; then to not know what you "know." Think about it.

Today's user wants to use email as the center of their daily work hub. This means email needs to be efficient and not impose a series of management headaches like quota management. A user should be able to keep all their email history as a personal knowledge base. Affordable hosted email archiving makes this possible, and at the same time ensuring compliance and e-discovery readiness.

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