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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Today Show Highlights Email Archiving Issues in the Workplace

The Today Show broadcast a five minute news and interview segment describing how companies are increasingly using email archiving and monitoring tools to police company communication systems. Despite a trend toward IM, Sharepoint, Wiki's and Blogs to replace email, most people still use email to communicate about personal and business issues.

It's not often email issues are discussed on a national news show. For those of us who fight the daily battle to keep email running and ensure "clean, certified and compliant" communications, it's gratifying to see mainstream media talk about the issues email administrators face on a daily basis.

Email surveillance is an unfortunate consequence of our modern office-life experience. But organizations have to draw a fine line between protecting the privacy rights of employees, versus the rights of the company to know if a rogue employee is leaking intellectual property, harassing a co-work via email, or spending all day sending and receiving personal messages.

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