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Saturday, February 2, 2008

3...2...1... and we have Lift Off - Sonian has Launched

George, Jeff, Tim and I, along with our excellent engineers and marketing folks, launched Sonian Hosted Archive SA2 this week.

More than a year in development and leading edge in so many ways, we thank our investors and advisors for their support and guidance. Everything is coming together nicely as we "on board" new customers into their hosted archiving experience.

At the heart of Sonian's mission is the core belief that archiving for both compliance and storage management should be affordable and accessible to all companies and organizations, no matter their size or IT budget wealth. And affordable does not mean sacrificing security and reliability. On the contrary, we think Sonian, from our customer's point of view, is the most secure and reliable of any hosted archive service. We knew security and reliability were two critical concerns our customers would have when thinking of using a hosted service to archive their data. Cost is the third concern. Sonian is the right combination of technology and business model to meet all three concerns.

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