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Friday, January 25, 2008

U.S. OMB pushes for software as a service

This is an amazingly candid admission by a senior White House IT official. Karen Evans, speaking this week at the SaaS/Gov conference in Washington, D.C., says:

"Our track record is clear -- we are not very good at delivering our own software in the time frame set," Evans said at the conference. "We're also not very good at managing large projects."
“We can’t continue to maintain all of the things we have,” she added. “We have to start shutting down some of our legacy systems. We really have to move to a … service-oriented market.”
Michael Krigsman comments on his blog that:
By legitimizing SaaS adoption in the government, Evan’s remarks may well catalyze the entire SaaS market.
This admission is timely given all the recent negative press about the White House not managing email archives adequately for the nations best interests.

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