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Thursday, January 3, 2008

SaaS E-Discovery Brings Equality to Big and Small Firms

Brett Burney recently wrote a column SaaSsy Litigation Support for in which he discusses the pros and cons for using a hosted platform to manage e-discovery data. Brett accurately reports the major resistance to a SaaS e-discovery platform is the loss of control. But the benefits of SaaS, some of which are quoted from the article below, allow smaller firms to benefit from technology that only big firms used to be able to afford.

[...] On the other hand, a SaaS litigation review platform makes a lot of sense. Two issues that a litigation law firm's IT department wrestles with constantly are 1) providing enough storage space for litigation databases, and 2) keeping the software up-to-date while it's being used 24/7.

Those two obstacles fade away when a SaaS vendor is retained to shoulder those administrative burdens. The law firm's IT department is then free to focus on other pertinent network administrative duties.

Paying a monthly fee for a SaaS review tool is certainly a less expensive alternative for smaller firms that may not want to hire another IT professional. In addition, the small firm wouldn't have to pay for software, storage and server hardware to run the system internally.

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