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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ouch: Cable Company Mistakenly Empties E-Mail Accounts

This is somewhat off topic, but relevant in a greater sense to email and SaaS issues, in that this mistake highlights the importance of maintaining a backup of hosted applications to ensure there is no chance of data loss.

ST. LOUIS — Charter Communications officials believe a software error during routine maintenance caused the company to delete the contents of 14,000 customer e-mail accounts.

There is no way to retrieve the messages, photos and other attachments that were erased from inboxes and archive folders across the country on Monday.

Sonian, a hosted archiving innovator, uses an architecture that can store your information, encrypted, in multiple redundant data centers. This is truly the best way to ensure nothing is ever lost. This is the best way to manage a long-term durable archive.

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