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Friday, January 25, 2008

Most Companies Walk a High-Wire E-Mail Risk Without a Net

Email archiving is a "cousin" to email continuity and disaster recovery. Archiving and continuity are similar to each other in that they can share some of the same storage infrastructure, and yet they are different from each other in that the reasons to implement archiving or continuity have different business drivers.

Archiving systems support the organization's need for information & knowledge management, e-discovery, compliance, litigation and cost-effective storage management. Continuity systems support the organizations need to continue to send and receive email during system outages. Another common trait is that both types of systems are best delivered as a hosted service.

Chris Preimesberger of eWeek wrote a great article about the need for a more thoughtful approach to email continuity.

A new study confirms what a great many people in IT already suspected: Companies of all sizes are vulnerable to costly and damaging e-mail outages because they trust their messaging infrastructure to a single server and do not have an adequate backup and recovery plan in case of a disaster.
We hear from many IT executives that cost is a big factor in delaying or avoiding putting an archive and continuity solution in place. Sonian hopes to change all this with our new hosted messaging solutions that dramatically lower the cost for our audience/subscribers.

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