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Thursday, January 3, 2008

It May be a New Year, but the Same Archiving Misconceptions Exist

Ziff-Davis sent a timely reminder about the five common misconceptions on email archiving.

But first a recap on messaging system state of affairs:

  • We love our email. 75 percent of the content generated by employees is transmitted and stored in mail servers.
  • "IT" has difficulty balancing growing storage management costs with the retention requirements of government, industry, and corporate rules and regulations.
  • Archiving must become an essential and well-thought-out component of your IT infrastructure in order to protect critical information stored in email.
And finally:
  • If your organization's email is not archived effectively, you may face fines, lose legal battles and struggle to recover from a crisis or disaster.
  • According to a recent report from Osterman Research, 80 percent of organizations lack a true archiving solution, and 75 percent “are at risk of losing important business records contained in messaging systems.”
The five common misconceptions cited below promote risky decision making practices that can lead to problems that could have been avoided:
  1. “Our industry is not regulated, so we don’t need to archive.”
  2. “Email archiving will expose us to risk.”
  3. “Our backup system is our archive."
  4. “Exchange 2007 solves our email archive needs.”
  5. "Email archiving solutions are too expensive for our company.”
Sonian has the most cost-effective archive solution available to organizations of all sizes. Our philosophical approach is to help overwhelmed IT departments implement archiving without breaking the IT budget.

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