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Monday, January 14, 2008

27 Billion Gigabytes to be Archived by 2010

IT executives clamor for ways to prune and centralize their mushrooming data stores.

According to Milford, Mass.-based analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group Inc., private-sector archive capacity will hit an eye-popping 27,000 petabytes by 2010.

Skyrocketing rates of e-mail growth account for much of this figure.

Cost effective storage management, which includes both live and long-term archival storage concerns, will be one of IT's greatest challenges for 2008. Live storage will remain behind the firewall to accommodate high-speed read-write access. There are different access dynamics for long-term archival storage (email, IM, SharePoint and other digital content,) which must be retained for 3-7 year retention periods. Archiving costs be managed more reliably by outsourcing to a trusted archiving service provider. Customers should look for an email archiving solution that provides unlimited storage options for a low fixed price.

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