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Thursday, January 3, 2008

2008 will be the Year of SaaS and the Year of Total Sonian

I promise this is the last "projections" post for awhile. But I think it's worthwhile for our audience to know what Sonian thinks about the confluence of events that are propelling "hosted everything" into the stratosphere. In a nutshell; a craving for simplicity, affordability and accountability.

There is a prevailing attitude that IT does not need to be slaying the same dragons over and over. I talk to too many IT executives that have lost evenings and weekends to mundane archiving software re-indexing sessions, tape restores and E-discovery hurdles, and feel the pain that exists for what is essentially an unavoidable man-made problem.

2008 will be a big year for Enterprise IT SaaS adoption, and Sonian is in the perfect place to help customers abandon their outdated "ZanLegEduAtoTaz" systems and leap into the future with a hosted archiving platform that has been designed from the ground-up to work on the advanced grid environments from industry leaders such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google. This is the way forward, come with us and we will show you what is possible.

Jeff Kaplan and Phil Wainewright both posted some excellent analysis on their blogs about the top 18 reasons SaaS will succeed in 2008. Two points are worth repeating below:

3. Amazon, IBM and Google Bet on Utility Computing. After experimenting with its Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) for the past year, Amazon has found plenty of demand for its computing power on-demand platform from startups, as well as established companies seeking a ‘sandbox’ for their new initiatives. Amazon is now confident it can deliver its computing power in a reliable and cost-effective fashion to a broader market of business users. So, expect more aggressive PR and marketing efforts to promote and sell this powerful utility computing service.
Over a year ago Sonian made the bet that Amazon and other grid compute pioneers would be the next generation platform to launch enterprise IT solutions. We chose the "right horse" as the saying goes. Today our customers benefit from billions of IT research dollars spent on perfecting an elastic compute infrastructure that allows stellar up time with remarkably efficient cost structures.
5. SaaS Solves SOX: A year ago, most publicly traded companies and other large-scale enterprises rejected the idea of SaaS because they thought they needed to take greater responsibility for their own compliance requirements. Now, they view the process controls, auditability and offsite hosting features common in most SaaS applications as a perfect solution for their Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) needs. As a result, enterprise adoption of SaaS will accelerate.
Hosted archiving is perfect for SOX compliance requirements. SOX is an onerous IT burden, and the right SaaS solution can solve the requirement.

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