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Monday, December 17, 2007

2007 "Top 10" IT Concerns - Storage and Compliance of course

Jason Hiner posted on his Sanity Check Blog this article The 10 biggest headaches of 2007 for CIOs and IT managers.
2 of the Top 10 IT concerns relate to themes near and dear to Sonian's raison etre: Storage and compliance.

8. Storage creep

With an increasing body of data going direct to digital and larger multimedia streams being a more frequent part of the data load, storage needs are exploding for lots of organizations. Many of them have designed their data systems for scalability, but even those are being stressed much sooner than expected in many cases. The storage crunch will not abate any time soon. Beyond just throwing more resources at the problem, there is a sore need for better storage optimization solutions to handle all of the duplicate data on most networks.
5. Dealing with compliance

From HIPAA to Sarbanes-Oxley to FERPA to PCI, compliance issues have engulfed many IT departments and have taken a big bite out of IT budgets because of the staff resources it takes deal with compliance. Many IT departments are struggling with how to integrate compliance activities into regular operations and/or get additional funding for compliance activities.

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