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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Email Archiving an Important Initiative for 2008

Michael Osterman posted the results of a 2008 IT Initiatives Survey in his weekly newsletter. The survey asked CIOs and IT Admins their thoughts on a range of initiatives. Not surprisingly, eliminating spy ware and disaster recovery preparedness were the top 2 goals, with two-thirds of the respondents indicating these were very important initiatives. But an interesting trend is seen with email archiving, which was mentioned by more than half of CIOs as very important for 2008. This is a dramatic change from studies conducted last year, and underscores the rapidly increasing interest in archiving systems for both compliance and storage management.

An interesting finding from the study focused on e-mail archiving: while 56% of respondents told us that deploying or improving their e-mail archiving capabilities for e-discovery purposes was important or extremely important, 67% told us that archiving for storage management was important.

Thursday, November 15, 2007 Store Your Data & Stay In Compliance posted a timely commentary on email archiving issues facing small to medium size enterprises (SME). Historically SME's have not had access to affordable archive solutions, and thus have "gone without." Today's increasingly regulated climate is forcing SME's to reconsider their view on adopting an archive solution, and they will be looking for the most cost-effective solution to meet their needs.

Sonian can help SME's meet archive compliance and storage goals with a hosted solution that costs just a few dollars per user per month, including unlimited storage.

The article points out an important distinction between backup and archiving that most SME's are not aware of:

“From a storage perspective,” Babineau says, “organizations must realize that backup is not an efficient process to manage records.” Because some messages must be kept for certain periods of time, archiving data from primary systems to secondary systems makes the most sense. This, he says, prevents messages from getting repeatedly backed up, still allows access to messages archived in secondary storage systems, and stores only the most recent messages in the primary storage system.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New Report says SMEs Pay Double for Messaging

File this under "Not Surprising" - David Greenfield and Osterman Research released a messaging cost analysis study on small to medium enterprise (SME) purchasing decisions.

SMEs Pay Double for Messaging by ZDNet's Dave Greenfield -- If the costs of running your own messaging server seems like they’re getting out of hand then you’re not alone. In a report that Strategic Technology Analytics just co-authored with Osterman Research, mid-size companies are spending twice as much per messaging seat than large organizations. The report “Enterprise Messaging Server Trends” looks at the purchasing habits [...]

With flat or declining budgets, SME IT departments are under increasing stress trying to serve essential infrastructure functions to their constituent users. The SME's can least afford economic scenarios that work against their technology budgets.

Sonian's mission is to help SME's meet their archiving requirements. We do this by providing a hosted archive service that costs just a few dollars per user per month, with unlimited storage.

Increasingly, SME IT departments are adopting hosted services to solve basic IT pain points so that IT can focus on "more value add" projects that contribute to the enterprises' healthy growth.

Monday, November 12, 2007

White House ordered to preserve all e-mail is reporting "a federal judge Monday ordered the White House to preserve copies of all its e-mails." The White House email issue has been bubbling for a few months now. Some estimates claim over 5 million messages may have been removed and are unaccounted for. White House email must be preserved by law because the "Federal Records Act details strict standards prohibiting the destruction of government documents including electronic messages, unless first approved by the archivist of the United States."

Times are changing; it's no longer a viable strategy to delete email as a way to erase the past.

November Happenings

  • Tuesday November 13th, 2007 - I will be a panelist for our partner Know Technologies conference in Portland, Maine.
  • Friday November 16th, 2007 - TechCrunch comes to Boston! George and I will be at the much anticipated TechCrunch Party. Hope to see you there.

Friday, November 9, 2007

New Team Member - Andrea Peltrin

Andrea Peltrin has joined the development team to add his expert and creative ideas on user interface design to our search results screens.

Welcome Andrea!

What are we doing?

Sonian update. We're here, working on the production system after completing our beta tests. The blog hasn't received as much attention as I had hoped, but look for some new posts in the next few days.

We are deploying the early adopter production system and will be sending an email announcement soon with the login URL and other account details.